G-UNIT Hip Hop Group from Spain

“Oh god! Did you hear about them? These guys are freaking amazing!” said Afrika Bambaataa.

G-Unit, a “new” spain hip-hop and break dance group is breaking up all the news in HHG website, (Hip Hop Group) after their great performance in France feat. the hip hop group “SFCI”

The interview with Tamara “T-Bag” from G-Unit tell us a little bit about the fascinating group and them hard work for this event:

“We’re usually patience with each other, and it not so easy… because a lot of us were ready to this performance but only 4 persons (me included) could dance with SFCI group. It was a big problem and conflict in our group but well, like with all, we’re ok now”.

T-Bag, (Tamara’s artistic name); Soen, (Yana’s artistic name); Whip Hand, (Drake’s artistic name) and Choo, (Howard’s artistic name) were the guys who worked with SFCI group in this FA event.

Where this FA group came from?

“We’re not specifically from Spain… we are a little bit strange people (laughing) but it’s ok. May we are considered a spanish group because we created “G-Unit” in Madrid, but we don’t consider ourselves like a spanish group”- said Soen (Yana) -“I’m from Ukraine but I’m russian too… see? I’m the first strange girl of the group (laughing). Then, Drake, he is from Canada, Tamara is from here, France and Choo was born in Spain, but his family is also from United States. Another guys from our group: Javier, Julia and David are from Spain, and another integrant of G-Unit, is the Amazing Diana (DIEana) hm, she is from Scotland.”

Strange? Yeah… and amazing group, WE LOVE YOU, G-UNIT.

Hopping see you guys in our special tour in Italy because… of course, you’re invited!

Translated by: Robert Lazar


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